7FFF 21 Steps Training

I get tons and tons of questions about 7 Figure Freedom Formula (7FFF).

Not just about the money, either.

It occurred to me that you might have a lot of the very same questions.

So let me quickly answer some of the things people ask about all the time.

What will the 21 steps teach me?
You’ll learn the crucial steps you need to take to make 7FFF work for you from seasoned pros in top-tier sales. Before you even start the 21 steps, you’ll be assigned a personal coach and you’ll be on your way!

Why is there an application fee?
This is one of the most common questions and I’ll give you the straight answer — we only want to work with people who are serious, business-minded and ready to put some “skin in the game”. The application fee helps us discourage the wrong people from applying. That way, no one wastes their time. Bottom line, the application fee is just part of our screening process.

Note – The application fee is currently $1.00 (Coaches are limited so applications are handled on a first come first served basis)

Will I have to buy anything once I’ve gone through the 21 steps?
Nope. You never have to buy anything. But we will recommend resources and tools along the way to help maximize your profits. This is a real business, with real overhead. It’s not for “freebie” seekers. We want you to use the tools to make huge profits as quickly as possible with minimal expense. That’s what a real business is all about.

Will I really have a personal coach to work with?
YES. They work with you 1-on-1, too. You won’t be coached at some webinar with hundreds of other people. Our top tier coaches invest real time to make sure you fully understand the 21 steps and to help you prepare to begin your marketing. AND they do all your phone sales FOR you too!

When I get my first coaching call, will they be trying to sell me stuff?
NO. NO. NO. Your call with your coach is actually a brief interview. They won’t try to sell you anything. Instead, they’ll be asking lots of questions. Your application will be accepted or rejected based on the outcome of that call. For example, if someone says they’re looking to make $10,000 a week doing absolutely no work, well, 7FFF isn’t for them. So we refund their money and we part ways.

Does 7FFF really work?
In a word – YES. But you have to work it, too. Make no mistake. This is a REAL business. You might only work 45 minutes per day, but you will have to work.

I hope that clears up at least some of your questions.

To get all the answers you’re looking for, go here and give it a try.

Remember, if it’s not a good fit, you get your application fee back and we each go our separate ways.

No hard feelings.

Nothing to lose.

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