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Hello Everyone,

I am writing this post to raise awareness of the business opportunity that’s currently available on Amazon – specifically how to make money online with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’ve been a self-publisher for over 3 years now and I can honestly say it is one of the easiest ways to make money online – especially as a beginner. It will not make you rich overnight but IT CAN MAKE YOU RICH. I’ve been Self Publishing for a little over 3 years now and I’ve made over N70 million from it (see proof below)

Prior to doing this, I was working a 9-to-5 job. I was earning a good amount of money but I had no freedom. I searched for ways to make money online and came across two books: The Richest Man In Babylon and Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Reading these books planted a very powerful seed in my mind about the need to build passive income. It made me realize that I would never be free working for someone – I needed to build assets that could do the work for me.

The assets that were immediately obvious to me then were Real Estate. However, I didn’t have enough capital as at then so I kept on researching until I came across Kindle Publishing. The idea of having a digital asset on Amazon that keeps earning royalty in perpetuity for me was fascinating

I love this business model because it is very passive. Once your books are written (by you or a ghostwriter you hire), you do not have to do anything again. Amazon will publish it, market it and send you your monthly payments for life.

What’s more? Kindle publishing is completely legal, you will use your real names (or a pen name if you wish), no changing of IP address and your money will be sent to you here in Nigeria.

I started this business with $500 from my savings and gradually grew it to the scale it is now. It took me 7 months to have my first $1000 month and since then I’ve made $10,000 multiple months, having worked with a mentor who helped me scale to more than 40 books.

If you are ready to do the work and get good books into the KDP system, the rewards are truly tremendous. I sleep and wake up to check the number of people that have bought my books in countries I have never been to.

– Earning money from books you wrote years ago
– Not having to rely on pension or money from relatives for your survival
earning in dollars and spending in naira (the added appreciation in value!)
– Buying a car or building the house of your dream (without taking a mortgage from a bank)
– Contributing to a charity of your choosing or starting a foundation to help the poor
– Quitting your job, living life on your own terms and travelling the world (and still tracking the progress of your business on your laptop)

All these (and more), you can achieve with the power of publishing


Step 1. Register

– Go over to kdp.amazon.com and open an account. This first step is necessary so you can commit yourself to the project.

– Use an email that you open frequently because they will communicate with you.

– Use your real names, real Nigerian address and other relevant details.

– If you’re doing this from Nigeria then you’ll need a US bank account to receive payment from Amazon. (Amazon doesn’t pay directly into Nigerian Bank accounts). You can get a free US Bank account from Payoneer by going here

– Amazon deposits your royalty into your Payoneer account. You can then withdraw the money from your payonner account to your Nigerian Bank account

Step 2. Research

– Research is one of the crucial aspects of success with Kindle Direct Publishing. You need to do accurate research to figure out which keywords are profitable with good demand. This can be seen in the books best sellers rank (BSR). Ever book on Amazon has this. The lower the number the better!
– Once you confirm books in that keyword are selling well, you move to step 3.

Step 3. Write Or Outsource The Content

– Get materials and write quality content for your books. The content must be original or your book will not be published.

– If you don’t want to write the book yourself, you can hire writers from Fiverr or Upwork (https://www.upwork.com). Just make sure that the writers you hire are legitimate. Some writers on upwork/fiverr sell you manuscript they wrote for other people, these sort of things can get you in trouble with Amazon

– To help you detect unscrupulous sellers, look at their reviews and profile history. If they have good, relevant and recent reviews from customers saying they did a good job for them thats a good start.

– Looking at their profile history, have they been around for a long time? if so, then thats another good sign (just use your judgement, unscrupulous sellers frequently get their accounts terminated so the longer a seller has been around the more likely he/she is legit)

– You can also contract writing companies to write for you (this option is slightly more expensive but has less hassle and gets you higher quality books). I share the company I personally use with my students.

– Once you have the manuscript, check that it doesn’t violate any copyrights (that the writer didn’t just copy and paste everything from google). You can use the Copyscape for this (http://www.copyscape.com)

– Also, ensure you proofread properly. Kindle readers will kill you with bad reviews if there are a lot of errors/typos.

Step 4. Design A Cover

– Just check other books in the category you chose and make a similar cover. You can get good covers made for you for as little as $5 on Fiverr.com. You can also design the cover yourself. I share with my students the FREE software I use to design my kindle and paperback covers..I rarely outsource those out these days. If you’re the creative type, then $5 saved over numerous books adds up!

Step 5. Format The Book Properly

Formatting is another aspect that can easily mar your work. In fact, some people are offering this service online and they are making a lot of money from it. You need to know the right way to format so the book will work well on different types of mobile devices apart from the Kindle Reader. (hint: you need to learn how to optimize this to maximize your royalties)

Step 6. Write A Good Description

This is self-explanatory. Your description could be two or three paragraphs or more. This is what will represent your sales page so you need to do it well. You need to communicate to the customer why they need to purchase your book and not those of your competitors. This is key. Get it right and you’ll sell a LOT of books. (hint – you need to hit customers pain points, you need to overcome objections, you need to emphasize the benefits they’ll derive from buying your book etc.)

Step 7. Upload Your Book To KDP

Once your manuscript and book cover is uploaded, you can input your book description, set the price of your book and hit the “publish” button. Your book will then enter a review process where amazon will check to see if it meets their standards (i.e. it doesn’t violate any copyright etc.). This process usually takes between 12-72 hours. If it passes the review process, viola your book is now on sale on amazon and you can begin to earn royalties for each unit that sell.

I believe the above information will be enough to get you started


Why qualifies me to speak authoritatively on this subject matter?

Well, I have attached below screenshots showing my earnings from kindle and paperback sales since I started in November 2016.

They show that I’ve made more than $140,000 (from ebook, paperback and page reads). In addition, I’ve also made more than $65,000 from audiobook royalties alone (have sold more than 21,900 audiobooks with each audiobook earning more than $3 on average), as well as, more than $4000 from Ingramspark (which I started last year in August 2019)

Feel free to go through this thread to see a lot more consistent screenshots showing my earnings. I usually post them on a month by month basis

I’m not saying this to brag but rather to show what’s possible. Some people still find it hard to believe it’s possible to LEGITIMATELY make money online!

Kindle Publishing Training

Feel free to do your own research about this business opportunity and learn as you go. However, for those of you who will like to fast track their learning process using the strategies I personally use in my own publishing, the below resource(s) is for you.

These resources will effectively hold you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, how to continuously create highly profitable books that maximise the money you budgeted, leaving nothing out, leaving nothing to chance so you can build a six figure a year business that you are proud of and most importantly works!

It will show you everything from how to do keyword research the right way, to hiring quality writers, outsourcing cover or creating covers yourself for FREE, give you the template to writing effective book descriptions etc.

Available Resources

1. Kindle Publishing Blueprint N20,000
2. Keyword Research Video N10,000
3. Ten Profitable Keywords In Self-Help Niche N10,000
4. Ten Profitable Keywords In Cooking Niche N10,000
5. Ten Profitable Keywords In Computer & Technology Niche N10,000

Cost and Discounts

The total cost of the above resources is N60,000 when purchased INDIVIDUALLY.

However, those that purchase all the resources AT THE SAME TIME get it for N40,000…SAVING 20,000


The Kindle Blueprint will show you how to:

1. Do keyword research and publish books in niches that sell well. You also learn strategies that will help you maximise the ROI you get for every dollar invested into your publishing business
2. Hire very high-quality ghostwriters for relatively cheap prices (these are writers I’ve personally used for over 3 years)
3. Write great book outlines that help your ghostwriters personalise your book
4. Dominate niches that are profitable (you want to corner the entire online Amazon publishing real estate with your books)
5. Maximize the royalties you earn from your Kindle and paperback book
6. Increase the number of books you have without paying to get more books written
7. Increase the customer lifetime value of my readers by selling to them over and over again – instead of once
8. Maximize your earnings from page reads – I’ve earned over $7000 in 3 years from page reads alone
9. Spy on your competitor’s books and figure out what keywords they’re ranking for (and then rank your book for those same keywords)
10. Legally get into the highly lucrative audiobook publishing business on ACX (even if you’re publishing from Nigeria!).

Normally, ACX only allows people who publish from USA, UK, Australia and Canada to publish on their platform. The book will show you how to LEGALLY bypass this. It cost you a bit of money though (less than $500)

Furthermore, you’ll discover the step-by-step details of Audiobook publishing using ACX. It’ll show you how to create your account, how to upload your books, how to hire narrators, how to negotiate with them, how to promote your audiobook to help you sell a lot of them, which niches sell well on audiobook format, Which niches do poorly and why etc.

The Keyword Research Video:

The Kindle Blueprint goes into the theory aspect of keyword research while the keyword research video shows you how I do it. You follow me step by step as I mine for keywords on Amazon, analyze them for profitability and construct effective book titles/subtitles using the keywords I discovered.

The Profitable Keyword Books:

This is more or less for busy people who may not have time to carry out keyword research themselves. The book gives you 10 profitable keywords in 3 different niches. With this book, all you have to do is draw a book outline (using the strategy outlined in the blueprint), give the outline to your ghostwriter and the ghostwriter will get to work writing the book for you. Once the book returns you pay for it to be formatted, pay freelancers to create a book cover for you, upload everything on your kdp account and hit the publish button. It’s that simple.

This package is effectively a DONE-FOR-YOU resource

Most importantly, you have FREE access to me on Whatsapp in case anything in the resource isn’t clear to you I’ll be available to help clear them up

1. You need access to a computer (preferably a personal laptop)
2. You need a good internet connection.
3. You need to be highly motivated

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in the above resources

To Your success,


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