Snapchat-The Newest Platform for Ad Targeting

If you are over the age of 29, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Snapchat???”

While you’ve probably heard of it, you may still not know exactly how it works.   And, with most of its users being Millennials and teens, it’s easy to understand why.

Although it’s expanded quite a bit since its initial launch less than 10 years ago, the primary feature of Snapchat is that the pics, messages, and videos sent are temporary. For example, if one user sends another user a photo, upon opening that photo the receiver will only be able to see it for 10 seconds, then it’s gone, the file deleted automatically.

With Snapchat, the phrase, “What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet…Forever” no longer applies.

Ad Targeting

According to a study done by the Network Advertising Initiative, ad targeting, is said to have 2.7 times more revenue as non-targeted ads.

With ad targeting, ads become more meaningful to users and are often considered to be less intrusive. They also allow businesses show ads only to those likely to use their products or services.

Just like Facebook, Snapchat can be an effective way to target your specific audience. Also, like Facebook, it can be a confusing process for a business to learn.

The Latest Tool for Ad Targeting

Snapchat is most valuable for engaging your target demographic creating interest for your service or product.  Recent research has shown that Snapchat receives almost 4 times more engagement than comparable platforms like Instagram.

Here are some ways you can break into the Snapchat platform and increase your ad targeting.

Launch New Products

You can use Snapchat to launch products as they come available. Like the cosmetic company, NARS did to give its Snapchat followers a look at its newest product line before the release date.

One advantage to using Snapchat for marketing is your ability to create less formal, budget friendly videos. With this feature, you can even let your followers see your business from a more personal point of view.  This can go far in helping you develop a stronger relationship with them in the future.

Leverage Social Influencer Marketing

The use of Influencer Marketing is the practice of creating relationships with the people who can build additional relationships for you in return. Whether the audience is small or large, an influencer can touch consumers via social networks and blogs, in ways your brand may not be able to reach.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective channels out there today.

By leveraging influencers, you are able to capture a much greater audience since your content will be viewed both by your followers and the followers of your influencers. It’s one of the fastest ways to build your own immense audience.

An additional way to take advantage of influencer marketing is by inviting an influencer to do a takeover of your account. When this happens, you allow them to run your Snapchat account for a pre-determined time period.  During this time, they will post snaps for you.  The well-known rapper Pharrell did this once in partnership with Adidas for one of their promotional events.

Offer Promo Codes

Compared to the other popular Social Media platforms that offer Ad Targeting, Snapchat is still an up-and-coming platform that hasn’t become overly saturated.

And, because of its growing popularity, engagement levels are still considerably greater than many other platforms.  This makes it a good location to scout out new audience members.  Marketers who take advantage of it now can expect much better engagement than those who wait to jump on the band wagon later.

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