Have you ever been to a horse track?

If you have, you know that right before the race begins the horses are chaotically ushered into their starting gates. The gates remain closed, until the gun goes off, at which point the gates open and the horses stream out like bullets from a gun, headed towards the finish-line.

But until the gates open, nothing happens. the race does not begin until the gates are opened.

For most people, their metaphorical gates are closed their entire lives. Their thinking holds them back from starting their race to achieve and win.

Any mental thought, often repeated, becomes a habitual thought. Habitual thoughts direct you to take certain actions that can be good or bad.

As long as your thinking is mired in negativity, pessimism, closed off to new ideas and suffocated by limiting beliefs, you will never begin your race or reach your finish line.

That race represents the pursuit and achievement of the goals behind your dreams. That finish line represents the realization of those dreams.

99% of the population never gets out of the gate because their thinking holds them back. You are not one of that 99%..you want to take control of your financial future

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